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A contingent worker is an individual that is engaged on-demand to perform a specific job on either a ‘time and materials’ or ‘deliverables’ basis. Contingent workers are usually engaged as an external provider through an outsourced arrangement or strategic partnership. They may also be engaged on a just-in-time or ad hoc basis and sourced from the open market, preferred supplier networks, clients or even competitors.

Contingent workers can be sourced internally from an enterprise business unit, subsidiary or related entity. The strategy of sourcing internally is particularly useful for large organisations that want to increase utilisation by leveraging latent capacity. This has the added benefit of increasing employee engagement through offering variety, a different career path and serves as a retention strategy for those workers who may be a flight risk.

There are several synonyms for contingent workers: just-in-time workers, on-demand workforce, gig workers, extended workforce, contingents, outsourced talent, freelancers or just plain good old fashioned contractors.

Organisations that choose to distinguish themselves in the market through the way they engage their people hold an enviable position on two fronts – happier customers and better financial performance. Using contingent workers provides a catalogue of skill and experience to augment the current employee pool.

While the notion of engaging contingent workers is as old as work itself, it is only since the start of the 4th industrial revolution that organisations have matured their strategic approach to treat contingent workers as part of the extended professional family rather than just additional resources.

The rise of the contingent workforce phenomenon is propelled by 4 drivers:

  1. Availability of talent: Individuals are addressing personal circumstances, realising their own value and choosing to work this way. As the numbers grow, organisations are increasing their reliance on contingents.
  2. Market forces: If a third party provider can help a business deliver an outcome cheaper, quicker or better than their internal people, then it’s a commercial no-brainer.
  3. Strategic advantage: Some industries suit having a workforce that can scale up / down quickly. This enables their corporate agility and allows them to better manage costs and risk. Industries that are late adopters in this regard are now paying attention.
  4. Technological innovation: With 50% of the world internet enabled, software constantly advancing and devices becoming smarter, being / engaging a contingent worker is easier than ever.

You intuitively know that having the right people doing the right work creates an engaged workforce, happier customers and ultimately, business success.

In order to maximise the potential of this way of work, we must ignite our creativity and re-invent the ‘own and operate’ mindset. Systems and processes are no longer a limiting factor. Organisations are increasingly accessing a new type of worker. People that are not seeking to work on a full-time permanent basis (e.g. an expert, return to work mother or semi-retired executive) are more engage-able than ever.

Embracing contingent workers releases new thinking, new opportunities, new markets and new offerings. Organisations wanting true competitive advantage are re-thinking not only their people strategy but also their approach to partnering, leadership, talent management, diversity and inclusivity, organisation and work design, workforce planning, project management and business as usual operations.

Communicating with and managing these kind of workers no longer requires unwieldy software solutions. Software-as-a-service provides unprecedented reach in more affordable ways. This works in favour of both the worker and the hiring organisation as they can now interact with one another at reduced overhead.

We work with innovative business leaders to help them realise the potential of their dynamic workforce by making the most of their key talent pools (past and current employees, strategic partners and contractors). Adepto provides visibility and accessibility to your extended workforce:

Adepto enables you to


Increase visibility and accessibility to people within your organisation and in the market place. Enable referrals and connections.


Rate people on their skills or performance and consider reviews given by those they’ve worked with.


Search for, identify and contact people you may need. Compare provider capability and rates.


Solicit interest and availability. Shortlist candidates. Negotiate terms. Conduct reverse auctions.


Scale up and down to match supply with demand. Identify and track job readiness (qualifications, certs).

Gain access to the approach and software enabler needed to better understand, attract, engage and manage your extended workforce. But it’s more than just a SaaS solution, we are about building relationships and working together to enable you to connect with the people you need, when you need.


Grow and secure your competitive advantage
Right people
  • How do you stay connected with past and known external workers?
  • Why ‘buy and build’ when you can ‘lease and manage’ on-demand?
  • How do you drive diversity and directly access talent networks?
Right place
  • Do you have visibility of the available talent nearby?
  • How do you leverage the latent capacity of your internal talent?
  • How do you keep track of the talent around?
Right time
  • How do you assemble an ‘A-team’ quickly?
  • How do you on-board and off-board quickly and elegantly?
  • How do you find the right talent and scale as required?
Right price
  • Are you getting value for money from your providers?
  • How can you move from fixed to variable costs and better manage utilisation and profitability?
The Adepto community
Large enterprise and small business alike are collaborating with Adepto to better manage their networks, keep track of and rate people, and create and share work opportunities with service providers.
Service providers
Service providers
Adepto is making it easier for workers and service providers to communicate and collaborate with clients. Expanded networks and increased visibility is resulting in more opportunities.
Workers are gaining direct access to the work they want to do. Adepto is removing the traditional barriers that stood between workers and their next gig.
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We believe that striving to realise a vision is something worthy of relentless pursuit. It justifies getting up early and staying up late. It challenges us to show up in ways that demand our best and dares us to thrive in the ambiguity. Watching others live a vision-driven life inspires and encourages us to make our own meaningful contribution.

Our current offer is the first major step to change the way the world works. We see a future where people work for organisations in a way that’s more like being part of a great movie production rather than business as usual; being part of a network of professionals rather than a cog in the wheel.

We want to enable organisations to put their people front-and-centre as the primary driving force for their business’s success. That’s why we are committed to making it easier for organisations to identify, engage, attract and manage workers. We want to foster an environment that not only attracts the best candidates, but gives confidence to companies looking to work with them.

This is our offer to you. Join us and let’s change the way the world works.

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