Who we are

The Adepto Mission

Adepto was created to enable a new way of working for every person and organisations around the world. We come to work everyday to help companies build strong, diverse teams via technology.

Our Values

What you see is what you get. We work at Adepto because we get to be our true selves, every day.
Customer Centric
Adepto was created to put people at the centre – it’s our lifeblood.
Our products are at the forefront of a revolution in work and this drives our thinking everyday.
Nothing but the best, in all we do – for our products, for our customers, for our people.
We see challenges as the best way of finding quick, clever solutions.

Meet our Tribe

Our Leaders

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Chris Milligan
CEO & Founder
Chris is the visionary behind Adepto. He’s been passionate about helping people work the way they want and partnering with organisations to rethink what their workforce is since his time in university. As CEO, Chris leads the team and brings his tireless energy to every facet of the organisation.
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Michael Derwin
COO & Executive Vice President, APAC
With over 25 years’ experience as an Executive Director and Consultant, Michael has helped both large and small organisations develop their agility and improve performance. As co-founder, Michael works hand in hand with Chris to support the team, drive operations and serve the market.
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Brenton Worley
CTO & Head of Product
Bringing extensive experience in building strong technology and product teams, Brenton has helped guide some of Australia’s leading companies through digital and agile transformations, most recently as Chief Architect at PwC Australia’s Experience Centre.
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Karen Carter
Vice President of Marketing
Karen has spent her career in various strategic marketing roles with a focus in the technology space. She brings a results-driven approach and demonstrated success in both B2B and B2C helping small business build marketing organisations and driving brand and awareness for tech giants like Microsoft.
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Linda Davies
Group Financial Controller
Linda’s over 20 years in finance spans roles at organisations including Citibank, New Look and most recently as EMEA Financial Controller at Anaplan. She brings a disciplined approach to building the financial requirements of growing businesses.
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Our Board

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Ian Stone
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Michael Derwin
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Ash Nelson
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Chris Milligan
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Guy Haddleton
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The Team

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Leonardo Alvarez
Senior Fullstack Developer
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Nick Anderson
Marketing Lead, APAC
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Sam Bleakley
Head of User Experience (UX)
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Peter Cai
Back-end Developer
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Rhys Cassidy
Customer Experience Manager
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Adrian Diente
Front-end Developer
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Taylor Downes
Service Designer
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Gabriel Lagos
Front-end Developer
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Victor Li
Quality Assurance Engineer
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Joel Luther
Product Manager & Head of Customer Experience, APAC
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Emmet Memery
Senior DevOps Engineer
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Our History

Adepto started as an idea by our founder, Chris, when he was still in university. Forsaking the “traditional” path (go to university, get a full-time job based on degree, the end), Chris started working as a contracting consultant at 19. After a few more gigs, a stint in the army and joining a few boards, Chris graduated, securing a six-figure consulting gig, something no one he knew was doing at age 20. A year later, Chris resigned from that contract and jumped head first into building what would become Adepto. Partnering with his co-founder, Michael, he’s building the dream of enabling anyone to find the right job no matter where they are. It’s this vision of the future where organisations can focus on the work, not the employment type, along with the opportunity to empower businesses and individuals around the world with technology that fuels the organisation and drives everything we do.

  1. Jan, 2012

    The Adepto founders (before they were Adepto) implemented “Success Factors HR”
    into a large financial services business, the group’s first enterprise SaaS tool.

  2. May, 2012

    Developed the financial services “core capabilities” initiative focusing on lateral career
    paths and internal contingency/mobility.

  3. Aug, 2012

    Started Adepto Experience in Brisbane focusing on putting young professionals into
    contract roles.

  4. Mar, 2013

    Adepto registered as a company.

  5. Jan, 2014

    Grew the business, developed v1 of the Adepto platform – an online marketplace for
    professional services contractors in Australia.

  6. Feb, 2015

    Adepto hits multi-million revenues in its first full fiscal year.

  7. Jul, 2015

    Chris and Michael bring their two businesses together to create the Adepto Group, shifting
    from an online marketplace to an enterprise technology platform.

  8. Nov, 2015

    The new Adepto Group signs its first enterprise deal.

  9. Feb, 2016

    Expansion across Australia.

  10. Jul, 2016

    Development investment from one of world’s largest commercial mathematics companies
    enabled completion of Adepto platform v2.

  11. Nov, 2016

    Adepto signs its first global accounting firm client.

  12. Dec, 2016

    Beginning of global expansion as Adepto joins the PwC Future of Work Program in
    the UK.

  13. Jan, 2017

    Adepto accepted into KPMG’s elevate61 US program

  14. Feb, 2017

    Closed a pioneering ‘total talent management’ solution for government client and
    deployed v3 of the Adepto Platform.

  15. Apr, 2017

    Adepto is recognised by Westpac as one of Australia’s Businesses of Tomorrow.

  16. May, 2017

    UK office opens in London with hiring of Exec VP of UK, Jana Hlistova, while closing our
    first external investment

  17. May, 2017

    Adepto​ ​is​ ​chosen​ ​to​ ​be​ ​a​ ​part​ ​of​ ​Australia’s​ ​first​ ​HR-Tech​ ​Accelerator.

  18. Jun, 2017

    Former​ ​Chief​ ​Architect​ ​of​ ​PwC​ ​Australia,​ ​Brenton​ ​Worley​ ​joins​ ​as​ ​CTO.

  19. Jul, 2017

    Linda​ ​Davies​ ​hired​ ​as​ ​Chief​ ​Financial​ ​Controller​ ​and​ ​Karen​ ​Carter​ ​starts​ ​as​ ​VP​ ​of​ ​Marketing
    rounding​ ​out​ ​the​ ​Adepto​ ​Leadership​ ​Team.

  20. Sep, 2017

    Beginning​ ​of​ ​global​ ​rollouts​ ​with​ ​international​ ​clients​ ​across​ ​Australia,​ ​Europe​ ​and the​ ​US.




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